About Us

Here's some more about us

Bethel is a United Methodist community of faith committed to living out our mission to Love God, Love one another, and Love our neighbors in the Woodbridge community. We are “the church on the corner” of Smoketown and Minnieville roads, where we have been since 1850. We are proud of our history, vital in the present, and excited about our future.

We offer a worship service at 10 AM that is both in-person and livestreamed. We offer a number of Sunday school classes and Bible Studies. We offer programs for children and youth as well as vibrant Men’s and Women’s ministries. And we serve our community and our world through a variety of mission projects and opportunities.

Meet Our Staff

Reverend Matt Benton


Debbie Devendorf

Administrative Assistant

Karen Johnston

Financial Secretary

Joe Swetnam

Music Director/Organist

Brandon Boling

Choir Director

Susan Vieregge

Nursery Director


Nursery Worker

Vision, Mission and Goals

Results from Visioning - Our Administrative Council gathered on May 12, 2014 to envision what our church could be. We prayed together, read from the Book of Romans, chapter 12, and envisioned the Kingdom of God. Here is our vision.

We want our church to be a reflection of the Kingdom of God on earth. A place where people of all ages, nations, and races are welcomed with joy, treated with equality, and embraced as family; a place where people are uplifted, can join hands, and be passionate for Christ; a place where Christians are mentors for each other, helping others grow in their relationship with Jesus; a place where people are not only treated with equality, but are truly equal as we are in the eyes of God; a place where we can have unity in love without uniformity in looks or thinking.

Jesus Christ is on His throne in the kingdom of God, at the center and heart of the kingdom. Jesus welcomes all with a smile and arms open wide. He accepts us as we are, sinners broken and flawed, but Jesus does not expect us to stay that way. He offers forgiveness, grace and mercy. He forgives the sinners, heals the broken, and mends the flawed. Jesus changes lives. We want Jesus to be in the center of all that we do. He is our beating heart. His blood is our lifeblood. We want to be more like Jesus, welcoming all with open arms, accepting people as they are, offering forgiveness, grace, and mercy.

We want our place of worship to be a window into the kingdom of God, a beautiful place filled with light, and music, and smiling faces; a place with rays of light, colors, brilliant, iridescent, and open; a place of flowers and bells where people lift their hands in worship and join their hands in prayer; a place where we can bask in the warmth of God’s presence.

We want the people who come to Bethel UMC to feel joy, strong, calm, and beautiful. We want people to feel peaceful, warm, and caring. We want the people to feel welcomed, loved, and respected. This is a beautiful vision of our church. To many of us we already see our church this way. However, there is always room for improvement.

Our vision is to be a reflection of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Our mission statement is, “Bethel UMC is a community of faith where all God’s children are welcomed at table, nurtured and transformed to be Christ to the world.”

Our next step is to share our vision and then set goals that will bring us closer to being the kingdom of God on earth.